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Our Story

The story of Adams Automation is the story of energetic founder and chief consultant Kurt Kiley.

Kurt began his career an ambitious working class kid from NJ with an affinity for technology. His father, working for a mid-size electronic components manufacturer, helped Kurt (then in high school) land his first job there as a programmer. This launched a lifelong interest in applying technology to solving the challenges of business. He was soon managing his employer’s information and accounting departments. By age 22, he was motivated to use his talents to help companies in all industries.

In 1989, Kurt set up shop. From the start, his range was impressive: in the days of mainframes, he migrated legacy systems to open platforms--saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. He wrote software to unlock valuable information trapped inside closed business systems. While running the consultancy, he earned a B.S. in computer science, and an M.S. in information management.

But by far, Kurt’s most crucial education occurred in conference rooms and on factory floors of his clients. He learned the ins and outs of manufacturing, and became the type of advisor that clients value most: creative, resourceful, instinctive, and likable. Crucially: he has a rare ownership of his projects, from inspiration to innovation.

Kurt and his team are talented and versatile. They are as interested in weighing in on a CEO’s vision as they are of discussing business points (costs, inventory management, production control). This shows in their remarkable performance.

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